Hepacart (UK)

Heppa Cart

Founded in 2006 by Herb Farnsworth, HEPACART® is a manufacturer of specialty equipment used to protect people during high-risk construction, renovation, and maintenance projects. The HEPACART® mission is to develop productive, durable, job-flexible, safe and sustainable containment solutions that protect patients from dust and pathogens in healthcare and other high-risk environments. Our secondary mission is to assist healthcare contractors and facilities managers with new infection-prevention measures that can also save time and money. HEPACART® was initially developed to protect patients and improve productivity during hospital construction, renovation and maintenance projects.In 2019 HEPACART® (UK) was established by Ken Lennox, Jordan Wood & Glenn Wrench which follows the same values & principles of HEPACART® (US).

Today, HEPACART® products are in thousands of hospitals and healthcare contractors in the United States.


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1A Chester Road,





Tel:        07803518683

Email:  glenn.wrench@alpinehire.co.uk